About Us & Frequently Asked Questions

We are a group of number crunching enthusiasts looking to move to another state with some of us getting close to that magic 55 and some already got their AARP cards. After discovering how difficult it is to gather all the various data together into an easy digestable format, this website idea was hatched and here we are with the first iteration.

Where are your data sources from?

We sourced our data from governmental websites (.gov) for census, labor or from the states' own websites.

What other enhancements are in the work for the website?

We plan to expand the filter sets to enable further drill down of the communities as well as a discussion forum with topics relating to the 55+ community specifically. Additionally, state financial conditions that can affect their future taxing policies will also be gathered and presented in the coming months.

What is the cost to me?

There are no cost to use our website, the data is freely available from different federal and state government's websites. The goal is to help inform users who are looking to make the big leap and move to another state with the facts. It took us alot of time to gather the information into a coherent visual format. We hope you find it useful!